Besides leading his own highly acclaimed bands, B.D. Lenz also plays solo instrumental guitar with a repertoire that spans Jazz standards, to Bossa Novas, to pop classics. He can provide the perfect atmosphere for all kinds of venues and events that include restaurants, cafes, cocktail hours, and wedding ceremonies.

* Music has been featured on hundreds of TV shows internationally  see list (PDF)
* Band has performed over 1000 gigs internationally
* Has released 13 recordings as a leader
* Composer for Gramoscope Music
* Columnist for
* Four time top N. American jazz group on the largest online booking site
* Endorsed by Godin Guitars

Solo guitar song list (PDF) - click here
Downloadable Press Kit (PDF) - click here

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B.D. Lenz  B.D. Lenz B.D. solo  wedding ceremony  in NYC  B.D. solo

"...Part of the reason for his accessibility is that he not only fuses jazz and rock, he complements it with warm chords of funk, soul, and rhythm and blues..."New York Times  read article

"Bottom Line: Lenz is a real embodiment of a guitar hero...But just like jaguars are born to run, Lenz is born to play...leaving the listener breathless in their musical journey with him. He is a big sound, a big talent...powerfully impressive taken all in all."Jazz Inside Magazine  read article

"Lenz transitions from fleet and nimble to heavy and funky, maintaining interest throughout with an interesting sonic palette."Jazziz Magazine  read article

"While doing a live album, with such a diverse repertoire, poses risk, Lenz rises to the occasion, releasing an entertaining and engaging album that is sure to be included on this year’s 'Best of' lists for jazz guitar." Guitar International  read article

"...Lenz's music portrays his deep attachment to groove and rhythm as well as an uncanny ability to craft interesting and memorable melodies..."  read article

"...he has released six CDs, he has logged untold hours onstage and his music has been licensed for use in more than 100 TV shows. Even so, Lenz says his latest release, Hit It and Quit It, represents a big step for him..."  read article

Cover story about B.D. Lenz and Apria Records by JazzImprov NY - read article (PDF)

"Contemporary jazz guitarist B.D. Lenz’s quartet lays down a funky, jamming vibe...integrating catchy good time grooves with moodier, blues-inflicted pieces"JazzTimes  read article

“…[Straight Up] is so there, so ideal, so darn near perfect that it makes a listener want to head straight up there in a pilgrimage to quality...”JazzImprov Magazine  read article (PDF)

...a solid guitarist and composer...["Straight Up"] features a distinctive contemporary style...Newark Star-Ledger  read article

Lenz has mastered his instrument and his confidence overflows everywhere..." – All About Jazz

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